Sylvia Baba
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Genome Link Hackathon: Mama App

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Create an app using the Awakens Genome Link API.


As a 6-person cross-functional team, we conducted research and created a mobile app to empower pregnant women to take control of their nutrition using their own genomic data. My role was UX designer and researcher. 

Tools and methods

Design strategy and concept design, user research, interviews, and surveys, affinity mapping, empathy mapping, rapid ideation and sketching, usability testing, Sketch, and Invision.


The Challenge

Awakens, a start-up that is disrupting the consumer genomics landscape by empowering individuals to impact their health and well-being through use of their own genomic data, hosted a 2-day hackathon to create an app that would implement their Genome Link API to improve users' lives. 


User Problem

Pregnant women are having a hard time getting enough nutrients due to morning sickness



Design an app using the Genome Link API to help pregnant women understand what nutrients they may be predisposed to being deficient in and the USDA Food Composition Database API to track their nutritional intake. 



When implemented, this app will empower women to keep better track of their nutritional intake, leading to healthier pregnancies and babies. 


My Role: UX Designer and Researcher

  • Performed market and user research, including surveys and intervies
  • Synthesized research findings and developed a persona
  • Ideated, sketched, and established necessary features

Our team placed in the top three out of 9 teams, based on use of APIs, design, and marketing pitch. 


Key Screens

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Pregnant women aren't getting enough Iron, Folate, and Omega-3 Fatty acids.

Our research began with interviews and a survey to uncover what nutrition concerns pregnant women have. 

 Affinity map of our user's needs

Affinity map of our user's needs


Primary Persona

Petite Ave Persona.png

Designing the Landing Page

We gave the client control and flexibility by using a CMs. 

Once we understood Petite Ave's customer and her needs, we began to sketch out what the landing page needed to have. For example, finding pants that fit well was a major pain point, so we made sure that users knew that Petite Ave offered pants, and the banner at the top informed her that everything on the site would be geared at petite women. In order to provide the client with a simple way to update the content to reflect seasonal styles and promotions, we decided to use the Squarespace CMS. We updated the site's colors to look more modern and appealing, but maintained the original typography and branding for consistency.