Sylvia Baba
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Petite Ave Responsive Landing Page Redesign


Petite Ave: Responsive Landing Page Redesign

Increasing user conversions through improved value proposition, branding, and delight



Design an engaging and compelling landing page that encourages women under 5'5" to join the mailing list, create and account, and shop. 


As a 3-person team, we conducted research and created a live mobile responsive landing page over one 2-week sprint. My role was project manager, and I also conducted research and realized our designs.

Tools and methods

Design strategy and concept design, user research, interviews, and surveys, affinity mapping, empathy mapping, rapid ideation and sketching, usability testing, Squarespace


The Challenge

Petite Ave, an ecommerce site for petite fashion, has a problem with users not joining the mailing list, creating and account, or shopping.

User Problem

Users feel that the Petite Ave landing page is boring and confusing. 



Redesign the mobile homepage to emphasize value proposition and prioritize user education.



When implemented, this redesign will increase value to users, as proven by an increase in conversions. 


My Role: Project Manager and UX Designer

  • Performed market and user research, including surveys and Google Analytics
  • Surveyed current users about their behaviors and attitudes and synthesized research findings
  • Ideated, sketched, and established information architecture
  • Served as point of contact with client, communicating business needs and feedback to the design team

Before and After







Users need convenience, fit, and plenty of stylish options. 

Our research began with interviews and preliminary usability testing to discover what the problems with the existing site were. 

User Testing Results.png

We also conducted a survey to understand what some goals and frustrations were in shopping online for petite clothes. We synthesized our findings into an affinity map, which helped guide us to our persona, Iris.

Affinity map of our user's needs

Affinity map of our user's needs


Primary Persona

Petite Ave Persona.png

Designing the Landing Page

We gave the client control and flexibility by using a CMs. 

Once we understood Petite Ave's customer and her needs, we began to sketch out what the landing page needed to have. For example, finding pants that fit well was a major pain point, so we made sure that users knew that Petite Ave offered pants, and the banner at the top informed her that everything on the site would be geared at petite women. In order to provide the client with a simple way to update the content to reflect seasonal styles and promotions, we decided to use the Squarespace CMS. We updated the site's colors to look more modern and appealing, but maintained the original typography and branding for consistency.