Sylvia Baba
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Swoop Dashboard Redesign



Desktop App Dashboard and mobile web experience redesign

Swoop is a roadside assistance dispatch tool with apps for car and insurance companies, towing companies, tow truck drivers, and a web experience for stranded drivers. Swoop asked me to redesign their dispatcher app dashboard and customer mobile web experience, to improve usability and update the visual design. I conducted competitive research and utilized my deep knowledge of UX best practices to design a contemporary, usable, and streamlined app experience.







update and improve an outdated app dashboard and mobile web experience

The dashboard is the central place in which a towing company manages jobs that Swoop sends on behalf of their client’s customers. The dashboard was originally designed in 2015 and needed to be visually refreshed to bring it up to date.

The mobile web experience where the customer can track their tow truck driver and see a live ETA needed to be be updated to include new functionality, including the tow truck driver’s picture, name, license plate, and towing company name as well as an improved pickup location UI and ability to call 911 in case of an emergency.







Improve the usability and visual design of the Dashboard and mobile web experience based on deep knowledge of UX and visual design best practices

I began by assessing the content, style, and information architecture of the user interfaces. I identified areas of confusion, outdated visual design elements, and unfamiliar UX patterns and reworked the designs. The following are a sampling of the changes I made to the dashboard:

  • Reorganized menu to consolidate main menu and submenu

  • Implemented more familiar sidebar menu layout

  • Increased radius of dropdown menus, search bar, and buttons

  • Edited job details layout in order to fit all relevant information on one screen, no need to scroll

  • Improved alignment by using a grid

  • Updated icons to look more modern, including carrots, location pins, and edit pencil

The changes I made to the mobile web experience included:

  • Added new features as laid out in brief, referencing familiar UI patterns when adding elements for usability and avoiding mistakes

  • Updated iconography

  • Improved hierarchy

  • Updated overall visual design



improved usability and Updated visual design

The updated dashboard and mobile web experience redesigns feature more contemporary and familiar layouts, improved hierarchy and ease of use, and updated buttons and icons.


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