Sylvia Baba
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Yumm It Profile Design


Yumm It

Mobile App Profile Design

Yumm it* is a dish-centric food discovery app for iPhone that enables users to search and save meals they are craving. The client approached me to help them design a user profile page for the app. I also conducted competitive research to understand users’ needs, and advised Yumm It stakeholders on other improvements to the app’s user experience.

*fake name

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Create a useful dashboard for a dish-centric food discovery app

Yumm It wanted to create a profile page on their app where the user can see the dishes and restaurants they have saved and edit their profile and settings. The design also needed to be versatile enough to expand with increased functionality of the app over time. To accomplish this, I needed to work in collaboration with Yumm It stakeholders and users to understand business and user needs, as well as technical constraints and feature prioritization.

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Create a versatile profile based on user-centered design principles and competitive research

My first task was to analyze both the design problem and the competitive space. The research phase included a deep analysis of profile pages across direct (Yelp) and indirect (Instagram) competitor products to better understand the requirements of a user profile. Armed with a clear understanding of the project requirements, I drafted and tested a simple user profile page, iterating to improve usability, then delivered a high fidelity interactive prototype and design specs to hand off to development



Engagement, Utility, Frictionless experience

Following implementation of the profile page design, Yumm It users will be able to access all of their saved dishes and restaurants, resulting in a more useful product and higher engagement. My design input played a critical role in shaping Yumm It’s onboarding and profile interfaces. My expertise also equipped Yumm It’s stakeholders with useful UX recommendations, positioning them for success on future projects.


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